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Where to stay in Tenerife

In today’s world we not only work hard, but we also work long hours. Therefore, after such an intense year and gloomy winter, we should have a good rest. Luckily, the holidays will begin shortly. Just a moment and finally we’ll be able to enjoy the sun and hot days. Unfortunately the weather in Poland likes to play tricks. Every year it is hard for us to predict whether this summer will be pleasant or not. For this reason, we are more and more often choosing exotic holidays. We eagerly head for the fabulous Canary Islands. It is high time to plan a trip to Tenerife – the most beautiful island and book an apartment!

Where to stay in Tenerife

About Tenerife – before you choose your accommodation

Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the Canary Islands. From the 15th century the entire archipelago belongs to Spain. Although it is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 300 km from Morocco, it is also subject to the European Union and the Schengen Area. The applicable currency is the euro, while the official language is Spanish. However, we can easily communicate in English and German with the residents of the island. Due to the fact that mountains and valleys cross the Tenerife, it is extremely diverse in many respects and therefore it is attractive to tourists.

Where to sleep – about the apartments on the island

First and foremost, it is very important to choose the region and town where we will stay. The north-eastern part of the island is characterized by humid climate and fluctuating air temperatures. In the south-west the air is hot and dry what ensures beautiful weather throughout the year. Therefore, it is best to stay in these areas, and more specifically in Costa Adeje. This is a charming, typical tourist town. Off its coast we will find plenty of paradise beaches surrounded by bars, restaurants and discos. Here we will find the best lodgings, such as Happy Apartments Tenerife. Elegant interiors designed by the architect, equipped with the finest home appliances and TVs, access to the Internet, premium furniture and professional service will allow us to enjoy our dream vacation and fully relax.

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