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What to buy in Tenerife – about shopping and souvenirs

Except for fantastic memories and lots of pictures, most of us also bring more or less practical gifts for ourselves and our loved ones from the dream vacation. It can not be different in the case of the paradise Tenerife! Especially that on the island there is a plethora of interesting products. You’d better take big suitcases and not too much personal belongings with you – we guarantee you will come back with luggage filled to the brim!

What to buy in Tenerife – about shopping and souvenirs


As you know, Tenerife is famous for its delicious food and alcohol. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to bring some delicacies to try for your family and friends. Typical Canarian jams made of cactus, banana, figs, mango and lemon jam, as well as condensed juice from the endemic Canary Palm are truly exotic treats. Also pack the famous sauces – mojo verde (green, lighter) and mojo rojo (red, more spicy) into your suitcase. After returning to Poland, you will be able to serve your guests a meal enriched with their unusual taste (e.g. boiled potatoes, fish, meat or simply crunchy bread). And those who are especially fond of sweets should buy bienmesabe, which is a syrup/sauce containing wine, yolks, almonds, sugar, cinnamon and limes (perfect for coffee, tea, ice cream and whipped cream). It is often said that alcohol is a universal gift. And luckily, in Tenerife you’ll also find delicious liquors – banana liqueur, Dragon Tree liqueur, honey rum and the famous Spanish Sangria will for sure please you and your loved ones.

Cosmetics and jewellery

Tenerife is home to aloe vera, thus the Canarian cosmetics are produced primarily on its basis. Facial and body creams, shower gels, soaps, cleansing gels and even toothpastes – all with green succulents. However, if you decide to buy them remember to look at the composition of the product – the simpler the better, the content of aloe vera should be close to 100%. Finally, while looking for holiday souvenirs, you should take a look at jewellery with olivine – a bright green stone characteristic for this island, framed in gold or silver. You will find e.g. earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants.

As you can see there’s a wide range to choose from! And best of all, even though Tenerife’s currency is Euro, prices are surprisingly low! Enjoy your shopping!


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