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Tenerife – what to eat on a paradise island

Your dream holiday does not only mean beautiful, sandy beaches, blue, crystal clear water in the ocean, comfortable apartments and numerous tourist attractions. We also travel to learn foreign cultures and try new flavours. By choosing the Canary Islands for a holiday destination, and more specifically Tenerife located at the heart of the archipelago, we can be sure that the local cuisine will many times surprise and delight us. Therefore, below you’ll find a list of dishes and products that you just have to taste during your stay on fabulous Tenerife.

Tenerife – what to eat on a paradise island

Papas arrugadas

These are jacket potatoes original in taste – small, wrinkled, boiled in water with a lot of sea salt. Such a recipe is not known even to us, Poles – as it would seem – experts of all potato delicacies. After draining, the tuber’s skin is covered with a delicate layer of salt.

Mojo rojo and mojo verde

These are traditional sauces, served with many appetizers and main courses, e.g. fish or papayas arrugadas mentioned above. In restaurants located on the Canary Islands, two bowls with colourful dressings constitute almost mandatory element of each table. Mojo rojo, also called mojo picón, is prepared on the basis of oil, vinegar and spicy pepper, which in addition gives it a red colour. Green mojo verde that contains a lot of coriander is a definitely milder sauce.


Tapas are small snacks served with beer and wine, popular all over Spain. It is worth to try them on Tenerife, as most of them consist of fresh seafood (shrimps, squid, mussels) caught in the Atlantic.


It is an espresso-based coffee drink with condensed milk, coffee liqueur and traditional, foamed milk. In addition to delicious taste, it also delights with the way it is served – each ingredient forms a separate layer.

Banana platano

The volcanic soil of the Canary Islands is most suitable for growing bananas.
These fruits are growing everywhere in Tenerife. Their plantations cover especially the north-east part of the island. Platano has a completely different taste than the one we associate it with in Poland – it is very sweet, it tastes like a combination of banana with mango and a bit of papaya.

Honey Rum Ronmiel

This is a very strong and very sweet rum produced in Tenerife. Besides being the perfect beverage for summer evenings, it can be a great gift for our loved ones.

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