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Tenerife by car

Tenerife, the largest island of the Canaries archipelago and most diverse in many respects, is more than just paradise beaches and atmospheric restaurants. Surrounded by rocky coastline and filled with volcanic mountains and valleys, is completely different in the north than in the south. Fortunately, 2,000 square kilometers of land area is still not enough to make it impossible to visit the whole island. All we need is a map and a rented car.

We start from hot and rather dry south. This is where most tourists land, because the weather conditions are favorable throughout the year. The main resort, Costa Adeje, comprises a number of bars, restaurants and some of Europe’s most popular amusement parks, such as Siam Park and Jungle Park. In this part of the island you should also visit the Barranco del Infierno or Hellfire Gorge – about a six-kilometer route leading to a beautifully located two-meter waterfall. There are also caves that once were the refuge for the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Towards the north

Finally, we can take a bit longer trip with a whole lot of attractions along the way! In the north and east, there is damp climate and lush vegetation. The first stop is 63 km away from Adeje. The Güimar Pyramids – terraced structures built from volcanic stones, by some people compared to the famous Mesopotamian pyramids. Next we head to the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There are numerous restaurants here, nicely-developed squares and promenades, harbor and beautiful beaches. Mandatory places to see include Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, Plaza de Espana, San Juan Bautista Castle and the futuristic building Auditorio de Tenerife. Finally, we reach La Orotava, famous as the most beautiful city of Tenerife, which offers charming narrow cobbled streets, 17th and 18th century residences, baroque churches, town hall and the botanical garden preserved for almost 100 years.

Towards the heart of the island

In the center of Tenerife, 3718 meters above sea level, there is the Teide volcano. Owing to the cable car, we can reach 3555 meters above sea level, from where we can see breathtaking views of the volcanic slopes, the ocean and the islands of the archipelago. A national park with numerous, designated hiking trails was established around Teide. Here we can admire 58 species of unique, Canarian plants, e.g. red flowers of vipers.

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