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Feel the magic of Christmas in the tropics

The dream of many women in Poland is to spend the Christmas holidays without having to spend several days in the kitchen preparing Christmas Eve meals. They want to be free from work and enjoy the magical Christmas period in the company of the family, or on vacation. We have a perfect proposal for your family – holidays in Tenerife. Are you not convinced? We will show you the reasons why you should go to warm countries, when the prevailing temperature in our country is below 0oC.

Spending the Christmas holiday in a climate different from that prevailing in Poland may be an interesting experience for your entire family. You will not have to worry that high temperatures may spoil the atmosphere of this special holiday. It will definitely not happen! Why? Mainly thanks to the excellent organization of the hotels. They recommend remarkable packages, so that you can spend the Christmas Eve and holiday in the company of loved ones savouring delicious dishes prepared for you on request. Additionally, there will be Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

If you are worried of having a prick of conscience for not meeting with the rest of your family in this special time, you will certainly forget it when you see the beautiful ocean, high quality of the hotel and sandy beaches. The high temperature will compensate you for all the sadness and worries that have preoccupied your mind. Besides, think about it, that you are giving both yourself and your family a well-deserved rest. You will spend these holidays with loved ones, and this is the most important. People, not the surrounding, create a good mood. The magic of Christmas will accompany you at every step if all your loved ones are close to you. You will not be bothered by high temperatures. On the contrary. Everyone will be jealous that you can relax on the beach, while people in Poland freeze on the way to midnight Mass. Is that not a beautiful vision?

It is worth treating yourself to such exclusive vacations at Christmas time at least once in a lifetime. You can then actually relax and feel a slightly different Christmas atmosphere, in a tropical style. For those who are believers, it should be an extraordinary experience as Jesus was brought up in such high temperatures. Moreover, according to beliefs he came into the world in the summer, and not in December. It will therefore be possible in this respect, to celebrate Christmas

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